WorkCampers Wanted!


Enjoy camping while being a volunteer campground host. The workcamping couple provides a friendly welcome to fellow campers, assigns them a suitable campsite, provides information on campground policy and makes suggestions on the many sights and activities in the area. Desert Oasis is a campground with 21 full hookup sites, 7 RV rentals and 2 camping cabins. The work load is light with only 30 sites to maintain. Working from your RV at the workcamper campsites, clubhouse or in the registration office which can be monitored from your RV, workcampers are on duty for three days, followed by three days off. This schedule can be modified at the workcampers request. The 24 hour duty day begins at 8:00 AM. Workcampers must be in the park during evening hours in the event there is an emergency. The office opens at 8 AM and the workcamper is on active duty until shift change at 8:00AM on the 4th day. During the day the host will take calls, register guests, show guests to their lots and assist guests and residents by providing information that makes their stay at Desert Oasis Campground an enjoyable experience. Other duties include cleaning and light maintenance on the grounds. This position does not require the applicant perform heavy physical duties. A basic knowledge of computer operation is needed. The campground is open year around and workcampers are needed for this period. This schedule gives the host a lot of time for relaxing, seeing the many sights in the area and to enjoy their own winter/summer outing. Enjoy camping while being a volunteer campground host.

REMUNERATION: In exchange for services, the workcamper couple receives a free full hook-up campsite with a utility allowance, a $25.00 per Diem (non-taxable) for each day worked, free access to wifi in the lodge, office and workcamper sites. A $300.00 bonus is paid on completing the 6 month season. Shorter commitments are available.

JOB DESCRIPTION: GREETER/CARETAKER This volunteer position requires the workcampers reside in the campground, be available on the campground property during the 24 hour duty shift in case of a night emergency.

DUTY SCHEDULE: Three (3) days on duty and three (3) days off. This schedule can be modified at the work campers request. The duty day runs from 8 AM to 8 AM the following day. During evening hours the workcampers are on call and must be in the campground to assist in the case of an emergency. From 8 AM to 5 PM the workcampers will work from their RV, clubhouse and/or the registration office to perform campground duties. A golf cart is available for use to perform duties around the resort.


  • Warmly greet guests on their arrival.

  • Check camp email and reservation requests from website, assign campsites and help maintain reservation book.

  • Register guests and explain park rules as needed.

  • Familiarize guests with area events, attractions, and services.

  • Assist in making each guest’s stay at Desert Oasis Campground a pleasant, memorable experience.

  • Observe and monitor the clubhouse, assist with the clubhouse maintainance and help with camp events. 

  • Help organize campers who volunteer to work at camp events.

  • Clean and check comfort station in tent area as needed. Clean rest rooms once daily, the park is full hook-up with one toilet in the mens room and one in the womens room and one shower making cleaning an easy job. Check toilet paper during the day and add if needed, when checking paper flush toilets to check for proper operation, tidy up and sweep floors as needed.

  • Clean the 7 rental units after each rental.

  • Fill propane bottles for guests and rental units. Read electric meters monthly billing long term quests as required.

  • Walk or ride the golf cart to do a visual check of the campground keeping an eye out for potential problems and pick up any trash that may be laying around on the grounds in route.

  • Pick up trash bags throughout clubhouse and park daily and help take trash to the dump once each week.

  • Grounds care include: mowing, trimming, water plants.

  • Misc. duties required to maintaining a campground.

  • Be on duty in case of a night emergency. Stay updated on seasonal weather events: monsoon, wind and/or freezing temperatures and alert all guests

This is a great way to have fun working part time while conserving a retirement income.

Questions! Feel free to email us at or call the owner's cell at 520 205 2795



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