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— A few of the many sights to occupy your time while camping at Desert Oasis Campground —

Bisbee Town Chochise Stronghold
                     City of Bisbee                      Cochise Stronghold
Mountains Ft. Bowie
                 Wonderland of Rocks                           Fort Bowie
Gadsen Hotel Karchner Caverans
                     Gadsden Hotel                       Kartchner Caverns
Parker Canyon Lake
Sandhill Cranes
                    Parker Canyon Lake  Sandhill Cranes - Whitewater Draw
Slaughter Ranch  Tombstone
             John Slaughter Ranch                   Tombstone O.K. Corral
Phelps Dodge  Pierce Ghost Town
            Bisbee Mining Museum   General Store - Ghost Town of Pierce

5311 W. Double Adobe Road
McNeal, AZ 85617
Phone: (520) 979-6650